Cooperator of the Year

Rock Hill Orchard was awarded the 2014 Cooperator of the Year by the Montgomery Soil Conservation District.  In August 2015, we were honored to receive the 2015 Maryland Cooperator of the Year award.
Here is the text of the award:
This Award is presented in recognition of your outstanding commitment to conservation in Montgomery County.  By making conservation a priority on your farm, you have improved the soil and water resources on your property and set an example for others in the agricultural community.  Your stewardship demonstrates that agricultural production and natural resource conservation are compatible land uses.  With great appreciation and admiration, we present you with the 2014 Cooperator of the Year Award on this 4th day of September, 2014.
We also received a Secretary's Citation from the Maryland Department of the Agriculture which includes "Your efforts demonstrate the commitment shown by Maryland farmers to help improve our environment and restore the Chesapeake Bay for future generations."
Finally, we received a Certificate of Appreciation from the USDA "in recognition of their exemplary commitment to land stewardship".