Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own Closed until 2017

All Living Social Deals will be honored at purchase value ($10) through October 31, 2017 and can be used to buy fresh produce and milk in the market as well as pick your own crops when available

Pick Your Own: In Order for Everyone to have a Positive Picking Experience, Please Adhere to the Following Guidelines
  1. Fields close at 4pm every day
  2. Rock Hill Orchard is a working farm, not a playground.  There are safety hazards for those who do not pay attention.
  3. You must pay for everything you pick.  Our fruits and vegetables are not free
  4. Pets are not permitted on the farm or in the market
  5. Children must be supervised at all times
  6. If you throw, bat, smash, or otherwise destroy fruits or vegetables, you will be asked to leave the orchard at once
  7. Do not climb the fruit trees, you will damage them
  8. Pick only in designated areas
  9. Keep track of time and exit the farm at closing time
  10. Take your trash with you, do not leave it for us to pick up. 

Crop Availability - There are times when a Pick Your Own crop may be closed.  This could be due to several factors including, but not limited to, weather, availability of enough ripe crop, and pest management.  Please check the announcements on our home page, call the Rock Hill Market Phone number (301-831-7427), or check our facebook page for up-to-date PYO information before coming out to the farm.  We would hate for you to be disappointed when you arrived.
Pick-Your-Own Footwear: You are free to choose whatever footwear you like when heading out to pick your own fruits and vegetables, but we suggest closed-toe shoes such as sneakers.  We do our best to keep the orchard free from hazards, but there are stones and sticks as well as some poison ivy to watch out for.
No Pets Please: We love dogs and cats, but unfortunately cannot have them in picking areas or inside the market, so we ask that you leave your pets at home when visiting Rock Hill Orchard.  Service animals are welcome.

Crops available to pick when in season 
Tart Cherries
Cut Your Own Herbs
Winter Squash