Fall Fun at the Orchard

Apple Picking • Corn Maze • Pumpkin Cannon • Hay Rides • Ice Cream


Looking for something fun to do in September and October?  

Our fall activities start with apple picking as we are a working orchard.  Starting in late August, we have 25 varieties of apples for you to pick throughout the season through early November.  In addition, we have plenty of other fun activities for the whole family.

Note, Sunday November 3, 2019 is the last day for Fall Activities for this year.


The Following Activities are available

  • Two corn mazes, one is 14 acres, the other smaller one is one acre

  • Pick a pumpkin from the vine in our pumpkin patch

  • Try our world champion pumpkin cannon

  • Free hayrides between the apples, dairy/pumpkin cannon/pumpkins, and the corn maze

  • Apple cider donuts in the Farm Market

  • At the dairy, watch our cows being milked with our robotic milker or pet the calves

  • On weekends at 4pm, help bottle feed the calves

Note: All Fall Activities are open Weekends only except for Apple Picking which is also open on Fridays

apple tree.jpg.1379727901617.jpg

Apple Picking

We have several thousand apple trees in our orchard.  Recently, we planted a new high density apple orchard with 3,000 trees that use wires to hold up the trees, similar to a vineyard.  

Apples are a good source of fiber, high in Vitamin C and potassium and low in sodium.  Remember "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"!  

At Rock Hill, we want your picking experience to bring lasting memories for your family.  Our trees are pruned so you can pick without ladders.
Want to know what that white stuff is on the apples?  Read about how we use Surround as part of our Sustainability effort.

Go to our Apple page for the availability and pricing.


Rock Hill Orchard 2019 Corn Maze.jpg

Corn Maze

Have fun with the extended family at the largest corn maze in Montgomery County's Agricultural Reserve.  Each year, we design a new maze.  For 2019, we have two mazes.  The large maze is a traditional circular labyrinth as we really wanted to back the Stanley Cup again, but the Caps didn’t make it all the way!

One paid $6 admission gets you access to both mazes
A 14 acre corn maze for those looking for a challenge
A one acre corn maze for those looking for a less difficult stroll through the corn.

Younger than Three Years Old is Free

Children 12 years old and younger must be accompanied into the maze by an adult  

The mazes open Saturday, September 21 and will be open on Saturdays and Sundays through the first weekend in November

Last entry into the maze is at 3:30pm.



Pumpkin Cannon

Pumpkin Chunkin - Our own world champion pumpkin cannon, Hormone Blaster, will be chunkin pumpkins most weekends.  Try your skill at launching a pumpkin and see if you hit the target!  Our cows will thank you as they get to eat whatever lands on the ground the following week.  Don't worry, the cows are in a separate field so they will be safe.

How does a Pumpkin Cannon Work

Our "punkin chunkin" machine uses compressed air to send the pumpkin across the field.  The large tank uses compressed air filled to about 25 psi for target shooting and when the valve is opened, all the air in the tank is expelled all at once.  So even though there isn't a lot of pressure, there is a lot of air for a small pumpkin.  For competitions, our cannon would be filled to around 150 psi which requires both a trailer-mounted air compressor as well as several air tanks filled to 400 psi.  The valve itself uses compressed air around 100-125 psi (similar to what an air tool uses) to quickly open the valve.  The faster the valve is open, the further the pumpkin will go.  The barrel will take a pumpkin up to 8" in diameter and we have a ring that we take into the field when looking for that "perfect" pumpkin for distance shots.  For shooting at the farm, we use "Cannonball" sized pumpkins.

Steps to shoot the Pumpkin Cannon

  1. Pick the pumpkin to fire
  2. Load the pumpkin in the barrel and make sure the opening is closed
  3. Fill the big tank full of compressed air
  4. Ring the air horn to tell everyone around that the cannon is about to be fired.
  5. Call "Fire in the Hole"
  6. Push the lever which sends air from the air compressor to open the air valve to let all the air from the tank
  7. Watch the pumpkin hit the target!

How far can it go?

Our pumpkin cannon, Hormone Blaster, set world records for the Adult Female division in both 2010 and 2013 and was world champion in 2010.  2013’s shoot was 4,382.96 feet!