The Farm Market

Ice Cream • Milk • Fruits & Vegetables • Pies

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always fresh at the market

We feature quality fruits, vegetables and local products at our farm market.  We want to nourish our community with our own orchard-fresh produce as well as local food that provides healthy, delicious options for you.  Our farm market is open year-round.

  • Hand scooped and pre-packed ice cream made right here on the farm
    • (If you like our milk, you will love the ice cream!)
  • Fresh creamline white and chocolate milk from our own grass-fed Guernsey cows
  • Pre-picked fruits and vegetables (from six acres of vegetable fields, 30 acres of fruit trees, five high tunnels and our greenhouse)
  • Our own honey from our bees that pollinate our plants and trees
  • Freshly baked pies on the weekend
  • Our own dry aged, grass fed beef
  • Jams, Jellies, and Sauces
  • Local cider in season

We know what we sell because we grow most of it and the rest we test by eating it ourselves!

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Ice Cream Made Here

Woodbourne Creamery at Rock Hill Orchard is Montgomery County, Maryland's ONLY made on the farm ice cream. We make it all with our own milk and use our own seasonal ingredients when possible.  Why is Woodbourne Creamery Golden Guernsey ice cream different than "regular" ice cream?  Let's start with the cows who are grazing on grass 24x7, 365 days a year.  They take all the nutrients they get from fresh pasture plants, so their products contain more vitamin E, beta carotene, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and omega-3 fatty acids.

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Creamline Milk

We carry our own Golden Guernsey grass-fed milk in creamline regular (white) and chocolate in the market. Our milk is just out of the cow with the least pasteurization legally allowed, without seperation or homogenization.


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Fruits & Vegetables

Everything we have available for pick your own, plus more, is available pre-picked in our farm market.  Our crew picks fruits and vegetables every day throughout the season so they are always fresh and ripe.  We try to only sell what we grow, though we do bring in sweet corn as we believe in letting the experts grow it perfectly for you!




Fresh Baked Pies

Whether it’s fresh Ida Red apples, wild blueberries or sweet strawberries, all our pies contain the finest fresh fruit available for unbeatable natural taste.  Our pies use the best raw ingredients, like real sugar, kosher dairy products and premium spices for unrivaled home-baked taste – all with 0 grams trans fat per serving. You won’t find starchy filler or preservatives on our ingredient list – ever.

Our pies are available freshly baked on the weekends or frozen so that you can bake them at home. Do you have a favorite pie that you just can’t wait to take home with you? Call ahead with a 24 hour notice and we’ll have your favorite pie waiting for you to pick up!