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field trips & tours

Fall 2019 Fully Booked

Our educational field trips and tours will teach your group about how we farm in a sustainable manner.  Our trips are available throughout the growing season and highlight our working vegetable and orchard farm as well as our new creamery and pastured dairy cows.  Limited availability for weekend tours during the summer.

Cost is $8.00 per person (every person attending).  For school and Summer Camp field trips, teachers and Camp Staff are free.

Minimum group size is fifteen. Smaller groups can opt to pay for 15 people.  Maximum group size is 60. If your group is larger, you have the option of scheduling two or more days.

Inquiries for tours should be emailed to  

Please include your name, your organization, numbers and ages of tour participants, which tour/focus you are interested in, approximate dates and times you are interested in.  Seven days advance notice is appreciated so appropriate staffing can be scheduled.



tour options

Apple Picking

  • Take a tractor-driven wagon ride to the apple orchard

  • Learn about how apples grow

  • Pick a small bag of apples (we provide a field trip size bag) to take home

  • Dates: September – early November

Pumpkin Patch

  • Take a tractor-driven wagon ride to the pumpkin patch

  • Learn about how pumpkins and winter squash grow

  • Pick a field trip size pumpkin to take home

  • Dates: October

Creamery Dairy Tour

  • Take a tractor-driven wagon ride to the creamery

  • Learn about how our cows are on pasture year round

  • See our cows being milked by the VMS robotic milking machine

  • Dates: March - October

Corn Maze

  • Take a tractor-driven wagon ride to the corn maze

  • Learn about how we grow corn and hay

  • Navigate the corn maze

  • Dates: Mid-September - October

High Tunnels

  • Learn about how we extend our growing season

  • Learn differences between growing techniques in our five high tunnels and hoop houses

  • Learn about how we irrigate and fertilize within the high tunnels

  • Take a tractor-driven wagon ride around the farm

  • Dates: March - October

Spring Blossom

  • Plant your own sunflower plant in a pot to take home

  • Learn how sunflower plant grows.

  • Learn about honeybees and pollination

  • Tour the high tunnels where plants are growing.

  • Take a tractor-driven wagon ride blossom tour around the farm

  • Ages: Preschool through third grade

  • Dates: April, May

Custom Tour

  • Does your group have a special interest or wish to combine different elements? Let us know. We will try to accommodate your needs for an additional fee. We find that the custom tour works well for school trips as then we can customize our tours based upon your learning areas.

First Saturday Dairy Tours

  • Do you have a smaller group but would still like a guided tour? Join one of our First Saturday Tours.

  • Free of charge

  • Adult must accompany children 12 years and younger

  • No reservation required.

  • Tour begins promptly at 1:30pm

  • Tour includes a guided tour of our robotic dairy and intensively-grazed, rotational pastures, learn about why we raise Guernsey Cows and how and why we process our own milk.

  • 2019 Dates:

    • May 4

    • June 1

    • July 6

    • August 3

    • September 7

    • October 5

    • No tours Nov-Apr


parties on the farm

Have your child’s next party or your group outing on our farm! Birthday parties, civic groups, church groups, or just a bunch of friends!

What is included:

  • Picnic pavilion (holds up to 60 people)

  • Tractor-driven wagon ride around the farm

  • Pick Your Own or Tour of one area (depending upon season – Creamery, Apples, Pumpkins, High Tunnels, Spring Blossom) or Corn Maze

  • Visit the calves

Extras that we can add in:

  • Creamline White or Chocolate Milk

  • Delicious Ice Cream from the market

Dates & Times:

  • Party reservation times: 10 AM and 1 PM

  • Each party is for 2 1/2 hours from scheduled start time, including setup and cleanup

  • You can arrive 15 minutes early for setup


  • The minimum price is $300 per party, for up to 30 people. Under two years old is free. We do not offer special pricing.

  • For guests over 30 people, each additional is $9.00 per person.

Email us at to book your party.

Note: The wagon ride will leave 15 minutes after the start of the event so please ask your guests to be prompt.  Parking is available near the picnic pavilion.  No grills, alcoholic beverages, or smoking allowed.


If you only want to rent the pavilion for up to 2 1/2 hours for up to 60 people, the charge is $100.00.