Pick Your Own Apples

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We have several thousand apple trees in our orchard.  Recently, we planted a new high density apple orchard with 3,000 trees that use wires to hold up the trees, similar to a vineyard.  

Apples are a good source of fiber, high in Vitamin C and potassium and low in sodium.  Remember "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"!  

At Rock Hill, we want your picking experience to bring lasting memories for your family.  Our trees are pruned so you can pick without ladders.
Want to know what that white stuff is on the apples?  Read about how we use Surround as part of our Sustainability effort.

When Can You Pick?

Pick Your Own Apples are closed for 2019 season.

Picking may be closed due to inclement weather, so if the weather looks questionable, please call us at (240) 207-3732 to check our status.

Special Dates




In order to eliminate long check-out lines in our Pick-Your-Own Apple Orchard, you can buy the size bag you want, and pick until it is full!  You no longer have to wait to have your bags weighed.

Need more apples?  No problem, just buy another bag.  Here are the prices:

  • Small Bag - $12 , includes up to 2 guests. This bag holds 5 to 6 pounds of apples

  • Medium Bag - $21 , includes up to 4 guests. This bag holds 10 to 12 pounds of apples

  • Large Bag -$34 , includes up to 6 guests. This bag holds 20 to 24 pounds of apples

  • Additional guests - $3 each

You must use the bags provided, not your own bags
All apples must fit in the bag, no carrying in hands, purses, strollers, etc.
A guest is anyone aged 3 years old and older who wants to enter the apple orchard
You may purchase additional bags, but no returns of bags or apples will be accepted, so pick only what you want.

Groups of 10 or more that will be paying in one transaction have the option to buy one-person bags for $6.50


Picking Tips

Hold the branch with one hand to steady it. With slight pressure, squeeze the apple and start to twist it from the tree. If you roll it upside down, it will release from the branch. Leave the small fruit bud as that is what next year's apple will grow from.

Approximate Apple Ripening Schedule

 - The dates listed below are approximate for a "Normal" year weather-wise.  If the winters are colder or warmer than usual, the dates could shift by several weeks in either direction 

Below is a list of apples grown at Rock Hill Orchard.  Many of them are available for Pick Your Own.  


Late August

Variety Best Uses PYO & Store Availability
Blondee Superior early yellow apple with sweet, crunchy fruit. Good for eating fresh or in desserts. All Picked
Gala Gorgeous, shiny, red-striped skin that is very sweet with crisp yellow flesh. Good for snacks. All Picked


Early September

Variety Best Uses PYO Availability
Honeycrisp Amazing eating apple with very distinct sweet flavor. Firm flesh makes it great for pies and baking. All Picked
CrimsonCrisp Extremely crunchy tart apple. Good for baking and sauces. Medium crimson red apple with a very firm, crisp texture with a tart, complex flavor. All Picked
Rising Sun Fuji Early Fuji selection that ripens 5-6 weeks ahead of regular Fuji and colors to a beautiful pinkish-red blush.  Mild, sweet flavor with creamy white flesh and the great Fuji crunch All Picked

Mid September

Variety Best Uses PYO Availability
Jonagold Cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious. Excellent dessert apple - crisp, juicy with a great sweet flavor. All Picked
Macoun An excellent dessert apple with characteristics similar to McIntosh. Flesh is white, firm and juicy. All Picked
Jonathon Tart, crisp and juicy apple, excellent for snacking and sauces. All Picked
Golden Delicious Fruit is firm, medium to large, sweet and juicy. Very versatile. Good keeper. All Picked
Red Delicious Sweet, crisp and juicy. All Picked
  Late September
Variety Best Uses PYO Availability
Grimes Golden Old favorite, suitable for fresh use, cider and cooking. Not Available
Empire Cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious. Sweet apple with a crisp texture and bright white flesh. All Picked
Melrose The official state apple of Ohio, this Jonathan x Delicious cross is large, firm, crisp and juicy All Picked

Early October

Variety Best Uses PYO Availability
Keepsake Sweet and spicy and the texture is crisp and dense, making it an ideal cooking apple All Picked
Smokehouse Pleasant dessert apples with a red-striped skin tinged with yellow. Flesh is firm and juicy, perfect for fresh-eating, cooking, and baking. All Picked
Ida Red Dual purpose. Crisp, fine-grained fruits have a sweet-tart, white flesh — one of the best pie apples All Picked
Rome Great baking apple with a sweet and tart flavor All Picked
Cameo Crisp with a scent of pear with a sweet-tart flavor with firm flesh that resists browning. Good for everything. Descended from Red Delicious. All Picked

Mid October

Variety Best Uses PYO Availability
Mutsu Complex and spicy flavor descended from a cross of Golden Delicious and sweet Indo apple. Dual purpose baking and eating. All Picked
Winecrisp Crisp with a fruity flavor with Cox's Orange Pippin as a grandparent All Picked
Suncrisp Its heritage includes Cox’s Orange Pippin and Golden Delicious making the fruit sweet, rich, very firm and mildly aromatic.  All-purpose apple. All Picked
Stayman / Winesap High-quality dessert apple. Tree yields large, firm, wine-spicy fruit with a deep red color. Stayman is an offshoot of Winesap. All Picked
Granny Smith Uncompromising crisp hard apple with a very sharp taste. Excellent for baking. All Picked
CandyCrisp Clean, sweet flavor, somewhat pear-like in taste. All Picked
Pink Lady (Maslin, Barnsby) Perfect balance of tart and sweet and the crisp, juicy flesh breaks cleanly in the mouth. All Picked
Heirloom Multiple heirloom apples All Picked
York Crisp, juicy, sweet, and tart! Excellent for baking. All Picked
Goldrush Crisp hard flesh and a good sugar / acid balance, related to Golden Delicious. PYO Very Limited
EverCrisp Packing a loud crunch, the apple combines the best of its parents HoneyCrisp and Fuji. All Picked

Early November

Variety Best Uses PYO Availability
Pink Lady (Cripps Pink) Perfect balance of tart and sweet and the crisp, juicy flesh breaks cleanly in the mouth. PYO Very Limited
Late Fuji (Aztec, Sun) Crisp, very sweet flavor. Great for eating, sauces and baking. All Picked

Storage Tips
Apples stay crisp and fresh for weeks if kept cold and moist.  For best results, store them in a vegetable crisper or plastic bag in your refrigerator.  Kept at room temperature, apples ripen ten times faster than when kept cold.  Before storing, remove any apples that are bruised and use them immediately.