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Woodbourne Creamery @ Rock Hill Orchard is Montgomery County’s only Cow to Cone Creamery and its first new dairy in over 60 years. We are a family-owned enterprise that leverages our 30 acres of apple and peach orchard, along with our fall activities, to provide a livelihood for our family. We have a small herd of Golden Guernsey cows that are grass fed to provide all the goodness of double the Omega-3 fat, plus the higher beta-carotene that comes from the golden color of Guernsey milk and produce 100% A2 milk. We want our milk to taste the way that it comes out of the cow, so no homogenization and no separation of the fat out of the milk. We built our facilities so that you can visit and see where our cows live, how we take care of our cows, and how we pasteurize and bottle the milk and make the ice cream. Our version of buying local is not just knowing that you are buying from a local farmer, but seeing how we make the products that we sell any why they are superior to what you would get at the grocery store.


Why Guernsey Cows?

Our Guernsey cows are the most efficient breed at converting grass into milk.  Our cows are either eating grass in pasture every day or eating hay or haylage (wrapped moist hay/alfalfa that smells like fermented beer) in the winter. She is a medium-sized and very docile cow (ours especially due to their handling as calves). Guernsey milk contains 12% more protein, 30% more cream, 33% more vitamin D, 25% more vitamin A and 15% more calcium than average milk.

The beautiful golden color of the milk is due to the beta carotene not being broken down (as it is in other breeds).  Guernseys have a higher level of Omega-3 than other cows. Our Guernsey cows also produce only 100% A2 milk as we have genetically tested every cow and only the milk from those with all A2 milk is used for either our Creamline milk or our Ice Cream (the rest goes to our calves).




ice cream

We are Montgomery County's only Cow to Cone Creamery where we make our ice cream in our Grade A processing facility right on our farm using all natural ingredients made in a batch freezer. We make our own mix using our grass fed non-homogenized A2 Guernsey milk so that we can control the complete experience. We hand scoop our ice cream at our farm market and also sell pre-packaged pints. Come in and try one of our delicious year-round or seasonal flavors.


creamline A2 milk

Our Guernsey Creamline Milk is high in beta carotene (this gives it the golden color) and higher in Omega 3 than any other breed.  It is gently vat pasteurized to retain as much of its natural flavor as possible, without taking on the cooked flavors of ultrapasteurized supermarket milk. Our Creamline Milk is the most natural form of milk. It is pasteurized, just like most milk found on store shelves, but not homogenized or separated.

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Where to Find

The Farm Market @ Rock Hill Orchard

Bethesda Central Farm Market on Sunday mornings

Butchers Alley in Bethesda

Germantown Milk Pickup Tuesday afternoons (4-5:30PM)

The front parking lot of the Trevion II Building
12800 Middlebrook Road, Germantown, MD