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Our mission is to provide clean, healthy, locally grown and safe fruit, vegetable, and dairy products to our local community and within the surrounding area. Our animals are raised humanely in an environmentally sound manner. 

We strive to educate consumers about the health benefits of grass-fed milk products. We hope to be a model for other farmers that are looking for a way to be more profitable and sustainable.


What’s Happening this Week on the Farm

This Week on The Farm

On-Farm Market will be open Saturday and Sunday 12pm - 5pm

  • We will be closed Monday through Friday over the winter, but if you can’t make it to the farm on the weekend for your milk, please email us at info@rockhillorchard.com for other arrangements

  • We are happy to announce that Uptown Market in Washington, DC is now carrying our milk

  • Customers are welcome to drive up to our dairy to have a look around while our market is open

  • Our 4pm calf feedings are going on hiatus until our new spring calves begin to be born. We try not to have babys born over winter months

  • Our on-farm market has available

    • Hand scooped Ice Cream made on our farm

    • Golden Guernsey milk

    • Freshly baked bread

    • Grass-fed beef

    • Already picked Apples

    • Call or email us to order half-gallons of ice cream ($23) or frozen pies ($13) for Thanksgiving. Pick up the weekend before Thanksgiving


grass fed milk and ice cream made on the farm

We are Montgomery County's only "Cow to Cone" ice cream shop and dairy.  Our A2A2 Guernsey cows eat grass year round and are milked by a robot on their schedule.  We pasteurize the milk and make our ice cream mix at our dairy, then bring it down the hill to sell in our farm market.  Nothing extra added in, the milk isn't even homogenized or seperated, so we only sell A2 creamline milk and creamline chocolate milk.

Farm Market & Ice cream

Our farm market is open year round providing the highest quality fruits and vegetables that are grown right on our farm, as well as hand scooping our own delicious hand made ice cream. The entire farm, including the market, is powered by our solar array.


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pick your own apples and peaches

Rock Hill Orchard has been known for forty years for the quality of our peaches and apples.  Peaches are available for you to pick from early July through August.  Pick-your-own apples follow starting in late August and continuing through early November.  We are the only Orchard in Maryland that makes its own ice cream with milk from our own cows!


Visit our Farm

Our farm is open year-round whenever the farm market is open.  We have free dairy tours the first Saturday of each month.  We also have field trips and school tours.