Woodbourne Creamery

Woodbourne Creamery is Montgomery County’s first all new dairy facility in sixty years and Montgomery County's ONLY made on the farm ice cream.  We are the only dairy within forty miles of Washington DC bottling its own milk and making its own ice cream right on the farm.
grazing cows
We practice managed-intensive grazing where the cows move fields every day so they eat only the best grass. In addition, we are the first all pasture robotic milking facility in North America. We are licensed as a Grade A dairy and processing facility and are selling our Golden Guernsey Creamline milk at our on-farm market.  We have both white and chocolate milk for sale.  

We installed a Delaval VMS ("Voluntary Milking System") in 2013.  Our cows come in to be milked when they want, typically between two to three times per day.  Learn more about our grazing operation and why our cows thrive on eating grass all day long. 

Here is how the VMS works:  First, the cow walks in and a gate shuts behind her and reads her RFID ear tag which identifies her to the machine.  The VMS then adjusts itself to the cow and cleans her teats.  Then it uses a laser to guide the milkers to each teat one at a time and senses how much milk is coming out of each teat so that the milker can be removed from the individual teat once it has finished milking.  Once all the cow has finished milking, the exit gate opens and the cows walk out and then go back to a new field.  Check out this video from the VOA to see this for yourself (or come visit us).

We have a small herd of sixty Guernsey cows and have been raising them since 2001.  Guernsey milk is distinctively different than store bought milk in that it is naturally high in beta carotene so has a slightly yellow color.  In addition, 96% of Guernseys produce only beta Casein A2 protein, which some people believe may be better for their health.  

We raise our cows in a sustainable manner.  We treat our cows like we treat our children, so we vaccinate them all once per year and if they ever get sick, we will treat them as medically necessary to get them healthy per our veterinarian recommendation.  We do not use any growth hormones. 

Come visit our Creamery for a self-guided tour or checkout our Creamery Tours for an in-depth tour of the Creamery.

“This milk had a distinct buttery and sweet flavor.  I don’t drink a lot of milk, and I would go out of my way for a glass of this.” – Edible DC Spring 2017 Edition